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Happy Halloween

Hello Parents and Guardians;

Wolfcreek Public Schools and Ponoka Secondary Campus are working hard to create safe and welcoming environments; to this end we wish to bring to your attention some guidelines regarding Halloween at PSC.

Unfortunately times have changed and we need to collectively respond for the good of our children. The following rules are now added to our school procedures:

1. No Hidden Identities: This will be written as a school rule (into agendas, posted on the website) and apply throughout the year:
'No person is allowed to disguise their identity in any fashion on school property without prior permission of school staff.'

This is in alignment with our current policy seen below:
Staff members are required to stop any person entering school property that they do not recognize and ask them to reveal their identity, what their name is and the purpose of their visit. They are also to obtain “Visitor Tags” from the office staff. Any suspicious behavior is to be reported to the office immediately. Failure to comply with these requests will be reported to the office and police may be called.

2. No Offensive or Disturbing Costumes: Costumes that are viewed as offensive, indecent or disturbing by school administration will be removed. Examples(not limited to) of Offensive or Disturbing Costumes:

Offensive: KKK costumes, Terrorist costumes, racist costumes
Indecent: costumes that are too revealing, costumes of genital parts, costumes overly sexual in nature
Disturbing: Excessive blood or mangled body parts

Many of us enjoy Halloween and it can be a very successful school spirit activity, we want to proactively ensure that this event continues long into the future and ask for your support as parents helping to ensure this occurs.

If you have further questions about the appropriateness of a costume, refer to our current school dress code (found in the student handbook on our homepage) or ask a staff member. More information on the WCPS Safe and Caring Schools Procedure can be found on the WCPS website.

Kathy McTaggart 

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