Absence Reporting

Absence Reporting

**All students are expected to notify the school before 8:00am when they are going to be absent.        

Phone: 403.785.0741

Email: PSC@wolfcreek.ab.ca


The administration and staff at PSC believe that regular and punctual attendance is not only directly linked to student academic success but it is also directly linked to success in the world of work. This is a character trait that we believe society covets and would want our school to instill in our students. To this end, it is hoped that students will only be absent when they are ill or a personal/family matter arises (funeral, court, harvest, etc.). Personal business should be taken care of outside regular school hours (banking, shopping, etc.). If possible, we also ask that medical appointments be made between 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. When parents call the school to explain the absence, we will consider the absence legitimate.


All student absences that are not confirmed by a phone call or note will be reported to the parents that evening by our automated phone service. To this end we ask that parents call the school after 8:00 a.m. to verify parental support for the absence in question.         

A summary of all student absences is avaliable at all times via the website through POWERSCHOOL . Parents can access this information via the parent portal on the home page.

When a classroom teacher suspects that a student has missed class for a very questionable reason, the teacher will contact the parents (by phone or possibly e-mail) to discuss the absence and any other classroom related issues. If it is confirmed that the student was not legitimately away, their teacher will put the student "on notice" that if such behaviour occurs again, they will lose the course. The administration will also send a "notice of absenteeism" to the parents to keep them informed.      

When the classroom teacher discovers that a student has missed for a very questionable reason, after being put "on notice", the student will be referred to the administration for possible withdrawal. The administration will then withdraw or re-instate the student based on a discussion with the parents to verify the absence. Recommendations for withdrawal or re-instatement will be made at that time.        

The administration may recommend at any time that a student be placed "on notice" or possibly withdrawn from a course due to extenuating circumstances.  

Students are expected to be punctual. Students that are habitually late may be put "on notice'.