School News

Santa's Anonymous is Underway at PSC

Santa's Anonymous is well under way at PSC.  

  • Collection boxes are out in the community
  • PSC food Drive for JR. High has already started.  Kianna and Sara are the head organizers for this event.  Period 1 teachers please put a push on your food drive.  Your food sculpture competition goes THIS Friday during LSA morning!  Prizes for each grade.
  • Sr. High Food drive starts December 4 in Period 1.    Kianna & Sara will be distributing BINGO cards.  Drive ends on the 12th.
  • Stuff a Bus happens on Tuesday, December 5 at IGA & No Frills.
  • Hampers begin after the 12th.
  • Our delivery to needy families is on December 20th after school.


If members of the public would like to drop off a donation they can do so at our main office. Thank you and Merry Christmas!