School News

March 20th Update

The past two mornings all school administrators attended a Google Meet (video
conference) with senior leaders from Wolf Creek Public Schools where draft learning
plans were outlined. Prior to Spring Break commencing, I would like to share some of
the details from our meetings so you are aware of plans for after Spring Break.

Originally schools were scheduled to be back in session on March 30. As it stands right
now, students will not be returning to schools on this day. However, it is the intention for
teachers and Wolf Creek Public Schools staff to begin rolling out educational
supports for students during the week of March 30 - April 3 and continuing to do so
until it is no longer necessary. Please ensure your children check their Wolf Creek email
during this week as educational materials and information will begin to flow to them.

The learning support team has been compiling a list of teaching resources that can be
utilized from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 to support parents, students and teachers
upon returning to work after Spring Break. The learning materials will be focused on key
curricular outcomes to best prepare students to move forward.

The plan is for a delivery model in which technology will be utilized to connect with
students and parents. A short survey was sent in the last divisional communication to
indicate your technology capabilities, please ensure you fill this out so that teachers can
pass appropriate material forward. Linked again here.

Alberta Education has assured all students, parents and school boards that their intent
is that all students will progress, with the ongoing support of teachers. All students who
access this support are expected to proceed to the next grade level and receive
credentialing for their specific subjects they are presently enrolled in. Alberta Learning
further announced today that all Provincial Achievement tests and Grade 12 Diploma
Exams are cancelled. The news release from Alberta Education on March 20, 2020 is
linked here.

Priority learning areas during the COVID-19 Pandemic have been identified for
students. Grade 7-9 will have a focus on core strands: Math, Language Arts, Science
and Social, with a goal to assign an average of 10 hours of work per week. Grade 10-12
will focus on core courses required for high school graduation with CTS and other
courses delivered where possible, more details on this to come. Teachers will assign an
average of 3 hours per week per course for high school students.

I would encourage you to take this Spring Break to focus on personal health and time
with your family. I understand that many of your Spring Break plans have been
drastically changed by Covid-19 as have mine but I encourage you to take time with
your children and enjoy your staycation.


Kathy McTaggart