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Four Directions Recap #4: Ponoka, AB!

The fourth stop on our cross-country adventure with the #TheFourDirectionsProject was rural Ponoka, Alberta.

Surrounded by prairie fields and huge sky, Ponoka has a unique history that unraveled itself over the course of our week there. Ponoka is surrounded by First Nations territories, and while there, we learned that Ponoka itself used to be a reservation. We were blessed to collaborate with an incredible team of Elders, local Indigenous historians and educators who taught us so much about this place, the land and the history we walked on while there.

This was a special week filled with a lot of fantastic learning and growth for students and staff alike. We worked with a group of 25 youth - both Indigenous and non, at a superstar school Ponoka Secondary Campus with Wolf Creek Public Schools.

Thank you to our amazing staff for your tireless effort - Tristan Bent for your workshop & storytelling skills, Memorecks for your jokes, beats & production love, and the man behind the lens of this video Zach Patton

Thanks to National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts - Music Alive Program for their support of the Ponoka program.

Thanks also to our music sponsors: Slate Companies | MOTU | LANDR | Behringer | Valhalla DSP | U-HE | NATIVE INSTRUMENTS

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